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How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Online FREE

World Cup 2018 channels
A few days away from the World Cup World Russia 2018 as it is a world championship held every 4 years and is waiting for millions of people around the world where it is broadcast in some countries of the world for free and some paid
We offer you a variety of applications and sites through which you can view the free and know the dates of the start of the matches

Thursday, June 14 (4pm): Russia v Saudi Arabia ITV

Friday, June 15 (1pm): Egypt v Uruguay BBC
Friday, June 15 (4pm): Morocco v IR Iran ITV
Friday, June 15 (7pm): Portugal v Spain BBC
Saturday, June 16 (11am): France v Australia BBC
Saturday, June 16 (5pm): Peru v Denmark BBC
Saturday, June 16 (2pm): Argentina v Iceland ITV
Saturday, June 16 (8pm): Croatia v Nigeria ITV
Sunday, June 17 (7pm): Brazil v Switzerland ITV
Sunday, June 17 (1pm): Costa Rica v Serbia ITV
Sunday, June 17 (4pm): Germany v Mexico BBC
Monday, June 18 (1pm): Sweden v Korea Rep ITV
Monday, June 18 (4pm): Belgium v Panama BBC
Monday, June 18 (7pm): Tunisia v England BBC

Tuesday, June 19 (4pm): Poland v Senegal ITV

Tuesday, June 19 (1pm): Colombia v Japan BBC

Tuesday, June 19 (7pm): Russia v Egypt BBC

Wednesday, June 20 (4pm): Uruguay v Saudi Arabia BBC

Wednesday, June 20 (1pm): Portugal v Morocco BBC

Wednesday, June 20 (7pm): Iran v Spain ITV

Thursday, June 21 (4pm): France v Peru ITV

Thursday, June 21 (1pm): Denmark v Australia ITV
Thursday, June 21 (7pm): Argentina v Croatia BBC
Friday, June 22 (4pm): Nigeria v Iceland BBC

Friday, June 22 (1pm): Brazil v Costa Rica ITV

Friday, June 22 (7pm): Serbia v Switzerland BBC

Saturday, June 23 (7pm): Germany v Sweden ITV

Saturday, June 23 (4pm): Korea Rep v Mexico ITV
Saturday, June 23 (1pm): Belgium v Tunisia BBC

Sunday, June 24 (1pm): England v Panama BBC
Sunday, June 24 (7pm):  Poland v Colombia ITV

Sunday, June 24 (4pm):  Japan v Senegal BBC

Monday June 25 (3pm): Uruguay v Russia ITV

Monday June 25 (3pm): Saudi Arabia v Egypt ITV4

Monday June 25 (7pm): IR Iran v Portugal BBC

Monday June 25 (7pm):  Spain v Morocco BBC

Tuesday, June 26 (3pm): Denmark v France ITV

Tuesday, June 26 (3pm): Australia v Peru ITV4

Tuesday, June 26 (7pm): Nigeria v Argentina BBC

Tuesday, June 26 (7pm): Iceland v Croatia BBC

Wednesday, June 27 (7pm): Serbia v Brazil ITV

Wednesday, June 27 (7pm): Switzerland v Costa Rica ITV 4

Wednesday, June 27 (3pm): Korea Rep v Germany BBC

Wednesday, June 27 (3pm): Mexico v Sweden BBC
Thursday, June 28 (7pm): England v Belgium ITV
Thursday, June 28 (7pm): Panama v Tunisia ITV 4

Thursday, June 28 (3pm): Japan v Poland BBC

Thursday, June 28 (3pm): Senegal v Colombia BBC

ROUND of 16

Match Day Date KO Team/Group Channel

Saturday, June 30 (7pm): 1A v 2B ITV

Saturday, June 30 (3pm): 1C v 2D Pick 2: ITV

Sunday, July 1 (3pm): 1B v 2A Pick 3: BBC

Sunday, July 1 (7pm): 1D v 2C Pick 4: ITV

Monday, July 2 (3pm): 1E v 2F Pick 5: BBC

Monday, July 2 (7pm): 1G v 2H Pick 6: BBC

Tuesday, July 3 (3pm): 1F v 2E Pick 7: ITV

Tuesday, July 3 (7pm): 1H v 2G Pick 8: BBC


Friday, July 6 (3pm): Winner of Match 1 vs Winner of Match 2 BBC

Friday, July 6 (7pm): Winner of Match 5 vs Winner of Match 6 BBC

Saturday, July 7 (3pm): Winner of Match 7 vs Winner of Match 8 ITV

Saturday, July 7 (7pm): Winner of Match 3 vs Winner of Match 4 ITV


61 Tuesday, July 10 (7pm): Winner QF1 vs Winner QF2 ITV
62 Wednesday, July 11 (7pm): Winner QF4 vs Winner QF3 BBC


63 Saturday, July 14 (3pm): Loser SF1 vs Loser SF2 ITV


64 Sunday, July 15 (4pm): Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2 ITV and BBC

A great site offers you the most important channels free and paid on the various satellites as well as the dates and details and the channel channels that are red in color as free and other channels paid

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